We do Weddings – FAQs

In order to make your special day the best it can possibly be, we want to address all uncertainties that you may have. We want to help make your day one to remember so here are the most frequently asked questions from previous clients.

How long do the band play for?

This is totally dependent on the timings of your event and we work with you to ensure you get the most out of your live band. Generally speaking the band will perform 2 x 60 minute sets.

How big is the band?

Once again this is all related to the preference of the client. The smallest band size we provide is a six piece. The largest band is a 12 piece and tends to be booked for the larger, corporate/wedding events. In addition to the normal 6 piece line up you can add extra female and male vocalists, saxophonists and percussionists.

What sort of music do the band play?

The band has an extremely extensive repertoire with songs ranging from the 1950’s all the way to the modern chart toppers of 2016. We also like to offer a special service of requests prior to the event. This requires clients to give us enough time to make sure the song is perfected and up to the standard that we hold ourselves too.

Does the band provide lighting/staging?

We provide package deals that vary in price relative to the size of the package. Obviously, the larger the package, the more expensive it is. Packages can include the band by itself, the band plus lighting or the full works. The full works consists of the band (size of band can vary on your choice), special room lighting effects and staging.